Chainstore Debtors

Chainstore Debtors automates and streamlines monthly debtors processing by providing a simple, intuitive interface for users to capture month-end debtors transactions, and by automating many of the processes necessary during month-end debtors processing of large customer accounts.

  • Remittance advices received from customers can be captured directly into the system
  • Invoice selection is made easy by intuitive lookups and Excel-import capability
  • Partial-payment of invoices is handled easily
  • Multiple claims can be easily captured against invoices
  • Claims that aren’t invoice-specific can be captured
  • Invoices missing from the system that appear as paid on the Remittance Advice can be captured (Paid, Not on Statement)
  • National Account relationships are specifically supported
  • Settlement discounts (or other amounts) can be transferred to head-office accounts (Payment Offices) for easy processing.

    Product fully integrates with Receivables Management – upon posting of a Remittance:

  • A Receipt is generated for the paid amount
  • The Receipt is applied to the selected invoices
  • Claims are generated in RM as Credit-Notes
  • The Claims are applied to the selected invoices (where appropriate)
  • Settlement Discounts and other amounts that may need review can be transferred to the National Account (Payment Office) as debit-notes that can be credited upon approval