We have been working closely with David Musgrave, Mariano Gomez, and other members of the Dynamics community in order to bring you DexSense – Intellisense for Dexterity.


Intellisense has been a highly requested feature for Dexterity. However, Microsoft has not yet created an intellisense function for Dexterity, perhaps due to the fact that the SanScript language doesn’t lend itself to intellisense in the way that object oriented languages do. Additional syntax options in Dexterity, suggested by attendees at the ReigniteGP conference, will be proposed to Microsoft. Please support this effort at


DexSense is available as a free download for all Dynamics GP Developers, and supports Dexterity versions 8 and above.

As DexSense currently uses unsupported technology to integrate with Dexterity, it may be difficult to get started using it. Contact us if you need assistance.